This week: 3/26-3/30

We took the 5th graders to the GA Aquarium on Tuesday. I love that place! Although I wasn't able to enjoy the animals (because I was trying to keep up with my 21 cherubs) it did get me excited about using our 4 free tickets for Luke's 3rd birthday! There is a picture of some animals over at my 365 project here.

Luke is saying "uhh woooont" for "I want". He is communicating so well I can't believe I ever worried about his speech. 

He said his first more than three word sentence this week. He said "Where good girl's ball at?" He was pointing to the yard. It was so cute. 

He also saw a bird in the middle of our yard. He goes "a birdie- pow pow" and made a shooting gun noise and made the movements with his fingers. Boys will be boys- and you can bet he didn't learn that at home!!

I bought the Silhouette Cameo on Wednesday! I am beyond thrilled about this! IHeart Organizing was running a great promo this past week that I just couldn't pass up!

I'm looking forward to spring break and lazy mornings. Staying up late working on projects and doing whatever I want to do! 

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