March goals...

I promised you a post on purge 100, our emergency kit, my herbs, and Luke's quietbook/turned into busy bags...

On top of those posts here is what I want to accomplish this month...

1. Finish moving my blog over. If you've read between August-November last year on the new blog I have a lot of comments to myself (insert pic, lots of linkys). These are notes to myself so I get it all moved over properly.
2. Paint my sewing bookshelf.
3. Large window print
4. Another way we "go green"
5. Reading nook for Luke

I want to simplify life this month... I feel like we are so caught up in the hustle and bustle!! I have a few ideas on how to accomplish this.

Also I got sidetracked on Josh's V-day gift. This is half way done and is on the "hurry up and finish that before I do anything else" list.

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