March Madness...

Because of the craziness of February, I got behind on some of my Feb.goals. I had to kick my rear into high gear to get the IOU goals accomplished:
1. Purge 100
Purge 100 happened here. This also marked #58 off here
2. Emergency Kit
The emergency kit still hasn't happened. I have slowly been collecting things for it, but I haven't pulled it out to see what all has been collected and what else I need. Boo for procrastinating. 
3. Herbs
My sad herb story you can see here.
4. Luke's Quietbook turned into Busy Bags
And Luke's quietbook turned busy bags are here. I changed my plan (quietbook) to create these busy bags because they will grow with him. I can change out the activities as he gets older and hopefully keep him entertained for a while. This marked #56 off my 101 list

I also set monthly goals to accomplish:

1. Finish moving my blog over (from Wordpress).
The blog is completely and totally over here. Pictures and links are transferred and I think my eyes are now crossed! That was alot of work, and alot of reading and re-reading of posts to make sure it was right. If you see something that didn't come over right, let me know!

3. Large window print
The picture is printed (in black and white). I had it printed on engineer's print paper at our local printing shop in town (Walbrook Printing- THEY ARE AMAZING by the way! I took in my thumb drive and in less than 5 minutes they had my print for $5.35!)

4. Another way to "go green"- this project is started, but that's about it. I will be updating!

5. Luke's reading corner/nook- Not finished, but we had a harder time hanging the shelves than we originally thought. Josh is working on this so it'll be done this week!

And here are other things that got done around here:
1. Josh's Valentine's Day gift- 52 reasons why I love him. And there really are more than 52!! This is #44 off the list. 
2. I completed 2 stool projects. Here I painted/recovered 2 stools. Here I painted another stool.
3. I embraced my love of quatrefoil and painted a canvas.  
4. The hallway collage that I started here is finally done!
I added a frame with a "lucky penny". It's a penny dated 2005 which was the year we met. I also added Luke's ultrasound pictures! I still don't like the blank space over the penny. Maybe I'll find a bigger frame? This marks #81 off the list.

5. I had a madras affair. 
6. I shared about how we dose medicine. 
7. The master collage got finished. I added a floating shelf and a printable to go in a frame on the far right side.

8. I updated my Facebook page with recent customer orders and my new fabric. This is also #36 off the list
9. Here is a quick update on our pool hole/grass. It's been 5 months since we filled in the place where our pool used to be. Here is what it looks like now that the grass has grown. I seriously can't believe how good it looks! Here was the original post.

10. I shared a few ways of how I'm "simplifying life". This includes not buying clothes for 6 months. Now that I have actually worn some summer clothes I am really going to have to work at being content with my shorts! They are too big because of some weight I've lost, but I'm determined to stick to this goal!
11. I decorated for Easter!

Although I procrastinated on some things I really thought I would get done, I got a whole lotta things done that I didn't plan! Maybe this means I should stop planning?? or maybe that would be bad and nothing would get done. 

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