April Goals

So, I still owe you a post about our Emergency Kit. Now that I've ordered my Silhouette, maybe I'll tackle labeling it with some vinyl! I also owe you a "green" post and I nailed down a frap recipe that I will be sharing!

Here are the main goals I want to accomplish:
1. Get Luke's room together. I am repainting this week, working on a collage in there, and getting his reading nook together. I have one wall figured out, but I'm waiting on inspiration for the other. Maybe a Dr. Seuss quote? and something with his month by month photos from his first year? Still so unsure.
2. Get frames on the wall above our TV. They started out like this:
but you can bet they won't be like that for long!
3. I have a few sewing projects up my sleeve.
4. I have a mirror mosaic table idea that I plan to get done. I've never used grout before, so this should be interesting.
5. Get the window up! I have the engineer's print and the window. I just need to paint the window and figure out how to hang that bad boy up.

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