stoolin' around

One of the things I brought home from my grandfather's house was this amazingly beautiful stool. I immediately saw it's potential, and what sentimental value it holds!!

I got inspired here... (and oh my if you ever get a chance to look at this blog and look at her silhouette projects... wowzersssss is all I have to say! Super creative people just make me realllly happy!)
I also found this printable (sorry there's no direct linky... I found it this weekend, immediately printed it and moved on- it is on that site though) that matches our bathroom PERFECTLY! Are you seeing the chevron trend?

Back to my stool... a couple coats of primer and paint later:
I found a stencil and played with it to make the stripes wider and longer (I did this in Word). 

I used the wall color from the accent wall in the bathroom. Love re-using what I already have! I traced the stencil and then free-handed/filled in the rest. 

and with a little boy in this house, you can bet that stool will be used ALOT- although I may like it too much to let him touch it!! The plastic stool that we had been using may stick around.

The cost of the project?? Around $3 for spray paint. If I wasn't lazy it could have been done for free the old school paintbrush/trim paint we already have way.

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