first of all...

I find it nearly impossible that it's been a week since I last posted... whaaaa??

Life has been super busy. Add sickness to that, and I swear we sleep our lives away.

Luke has been growing waaaay too fast. He says 3-4 word sentences. "Where dada go?" Where good girl's ball?" He also is paying me back for all the times I said "LOOK mom" in a store. My favorite is when he says "Mama seeeeeet" (sit) and rubs the couch beside him :)

Potty training is going so well. I really didn't think boys would be this easy. He is so good at telling us it's time to potty. He gets mini M&Ms when he goes- a little bribery never hurt anyone. He pretty much stays in his big boys all day. We're not even going to attempt night time for a while.

I have been sick since since Feb 21. This is really getting old. I have been to the dr. and I feel like it's getting better, but this lingering cough is horrible. The flu has gone around the 5th grade and I was really hoping to avoid that. Thank goodness for Rx strength cough medicine which not only helps my cough, but it gives me a really good night's sleep.

I have a few posts planned this week (my sewing bookshelf, busy bags, a crafty craft, and a door decoration to help us feel more like spring). I also have everything ready to update 365 project. I am really good about taking the pictures, but I am really bad about uploading them here.

I feel like I have 100 projects started and none finished. But that's what I thrive on! Horray to 4 day weekends.

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