Weekly update: 3/12-3/16

I am posting this a little late (like 4 days late...) but better late than never!

Luke has started a new little "Luke-ism". He'll squeeze my nose and tickle it and say "I love you I love you I love you." (sounds more like "do dove do"). It's the cutest thing, and I have no idea how/where he learned it!

We've been teaching him this for a while- he'll point to his eye and say "I" and to his heart and say "love" and point to us and say "you". He did this totally on his own without our prompting this week. And he's getting REALLY good at saying LOVE. With the "v" sound. So sweet!

His little personality just melts my heart!!

Something else that I did this week was hang up my scarves from a little idea I found on pinterest. I found the shower rings at the Habitat Store for $0.25. Amazing!! (although it's almost officially Spring!)

and is it sad that I only have 2 scarves??? I guess I'm not really into them :/ but there is plenty of room to grow!

I also went to the Children's Sale in Habersham. Can't believe I've never been. I will be shopping there from now on at their twice yearly sales! I bought a total of 10 shirts (that I plan to applique for Luke) and spent $13.50!

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