Busy Bags!

Toddlers are busy little people. And they constantly need things to keep those little fingers occupied. As I thought about this project I tried to think what Luke would like to do. Then  I added the educational value later. He is learning so much at school and as much as I LOVE that he counts on his own and can repeat the ABCs, I still want learning to be fun for him. So maybe if he doesn't realize he's learning it's a win win. :)

Here were some ideas that evolved from my brain/pinterest/otherblogs. My teacher side really came out with these!!! I get so excited creating centers for my students and this was no different. 

1. Coloring bag. Complete with a note pad, crayons, coloring sheets, and stickers. 

2. Colors/counting circle. 
also with the colors written on the back. 

3. Paint chip matching. Now I am in NO WAY endorsing going out and snatching up a bunch of paint chips. I had some of these on hand, and I grabbed a couple to complete it. No more than I would grab for a normal project. 
I cut them to the size I needed. 
Then glued them to the clothespins.
And to my surprise they all fit in the bag!

I cut the leftover paint chip pieces and put them in my home binder for future colors. I actually used the top green color in my bookshelf overhaul!

4. Pom-pom matching. 
Pretty self explanatory...

5. Popsicle stick puzzles.
Started with a few pictures and some supplies.

Cut the picture to be the width of the stick...

Put some glue on it...

Bagged them:
And labeled each bag so that when the toddler inevitably dumps all the bags together we'll know where each one goes.

Most of these bags were created from things I already had on hand. Lots of scrapbook supplies came in handy. I did have to buy the bags at $0.50 a pop in the school clearance section!
Other ideas that sounded fun: 
1. Cereal box puzzle- cut up a cereal box and have them put it together.
2. Felt ABCs and "Create a picture"
3. Finger puppets
4. Flash cards
Search "busy bags" in pinterest and there are HUNDREDS of ideas!

I also saw some that were made with gallon sized ziplock bags (which is what I use for centers in my classroom). They hold up, but not as long as these pouches. I love that I can grab these in a hurry for car trips, rainy days, or church! Also these replaced my 101 goal of a quietbook. Same idea. Less work :) 

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