herb pain

I shared here how I was planting herbs to be able to hopefully use in a dish someday. This is #6 on my list. When the seeds first started to sprout they looked great! They were healthy- I guess? The only way I know if a plant is healthy is that it is green. I guess I should warn you that I literally kill every plant/flower/shrub that I look at. The only reason we have a nicely landscaped front yard is the owners before us planted some-pretty-sprouty-plants that comes back every year even after we hack them with the weed eater in the fall when all the leaves die. Also tulip survive my thumb of death since they manage to come back year after year no matter what happens. I got a rose bush last year for my birthday and it's literally a miracle that sucker is still living and breathing. I don't do flowers on the front porch, or the deck, or anywhere else. The Gardenia my work gave me last month has turned yellow. What do I do wrong?? I've considered buying faux ones so there's no possibility of death, but I figure my neighbors would catch on, and faux flowers are totally 1992.

So my herbs aren't looking too hot.
I'm not really sure what happened to the cilantro. The basil seems ok, but that little one is growing realllllly slowly. I have watered them religiously, kept them in the sunlight, and talked to them every day. I'm seriously not joking about the talking to them part. I mean I can't be the only human on earth to do that.

The directions said to replant after 30-45 days and when the stems are 3-4 inches. So I figured it was time to re-pot. The directions also said to keep them in these little biodegradable pots. Oops.
 I just didn't think they would fit in my new pots very well. And they're half dead anyways. And rules were meant to be broken, right??

Here they are in their new homes. I seriously tried to get the cilantro to behave but they wouldn't hear of it. We'll see what happens, but I'm not holding my breath.

I think I may try to move them outside when I know there's no chance of rain. I think rain would totally drown these babies.

There- it's on the internet. My pathetic lack of gardening skills. And I seriously contemplated started a real garden. What the heck was I thinking??

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