Quatrefoil obsession

It's seriously an addiction. There is something about this shape that makes me giddy. It inspires me to try new things. And it looks like a 4 leaf clover. So in a weird, don't even try to understand what goes on in my brain, distorted way- this post is  in honor of St. Patrick...

It all started with this:

What a gorgeous little design. And that color is to die for.

I found a stencil after a quick search in pinterest:

So here was my attempt!

I printed the stencil, cut it out and started tracing my design on canvas. Sorry for the horribly bad color, but the flash washed it all out.
Then I painted! Some people paint the background the main color and use a small paintbrush for the lines. I thought that would be harder, so I kept the background white and filled in with gray (Gray Horse by Ben Moore).

Here she is in her new place...
Someday I hope to paint all the walls with that amazingly beautiful shade of gray... until then I can look at this and just dream!

Now I want a rug, and curtains, and throw pillows with it... but then that would be quatrefoil overload. I am seriously contemplating an area rug.

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