madras mania!

I am LOVING Madras Plaid this season! Nothing says summer louder and more classic than plaid. And it's seriously cute on a boy (and that's hard to do these days!) I melted when I saw the Kelly's Kids Catalog.

by the way I have that fish applique!!! Pretty cool right??

As Luke gets older I enjoy dressing him more. Here's 2 shirts I made for him today. I am also loving green/navy. Like if I could re-do my a room in my house- it would be to green and navy. Call me crazy.

I had a plain white long sleeved shirt that I never made for him. Now that it's supposed to be in the high 70s for the next 2 weeks, I assume that it won't be getting cold again. Time to hit up consignment stores for plain colored shirts! These were the last 2 solids I had.

So there's the biggest accomplishment of the day! Horray to applique!

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