This week: 3/19-3/23

This week has been full of a little mister with a rotten attitude! Every situation is me trying to avert a tantrum. He is communicating so well, and he knows exactly what he wants and sometimes what he wants doesn't equal safe, legal, or in the best interest of him. (like when he wanted to drive his coupe down the middle of the road and threw a fit. Don't know if anyone else has tried to get their kid out of a kiddie coupe, but it's nearly impossible.)

I had a dream about a "parent teacher" conference for Luke. They told me how "bad" he was, and how far behind he was falling. This is like my worst nightmare by the way. Also they told me he would be in the bad behavior class in Kindergarten. I was devastated... Thank goodness it was a dream!!

He had Spring pictures at school this week. When I picked him up he was in a completely mismatched outfit (army green shirt, and army green shorts- but 2 different shades of army green) Yikes. I really hope his nice white polo and plaid shorts made it til' 9am for pictures. Otherwise they'll be pretty funny!

All week he has had potty accidents outside after we get home from school. It's like he's found a comfortable part of the yard and he uses it as his pooping corner. This happened 3 times this week after he went to the exact same place for a while. He sees "good girl" potty outside. Try explaining that to a 2 year old.

He counted to 5 all by himself! This happened Monday or Tuesday night. He had his Ne-Neeeees (candy-  which is really a fruit snack) and he laid them all out and goes "one, two, tree, orrrrr, ive!" He's been saying "two" after I say 1 and "tree" after I say 2 for a while now, but he has never done it without me prompting him. I was so proud and we high fived alot!

Lulu comes this weekend for a visit and we are excited about that!

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