unfinished projects up to my EYEBALLS!!

I feel the need that instead of watching paint dry... that it would be a great idea to start a new project. As I think about that with a logical brain that makes no sense. How about take a BREAK, put up my feet watch my favorite show?? But no, I decide to push on...

So here's a glimpse of what I have going on that needs to be finished before my husband I lose my mind!

An Easter color matching game for Luke! I have the eggs, now I just need to paint the inside of the egg carton (to match the eggs).

Quite possibly the ugliest little pictures I've ever seen. BUT something great is coming!
A sweet little stool from my grandfather's house...
that got a coat of white paint...
and is now waiting for the last part of it's makeover.

A justwhenithinkimclosertobeingfinishedsomethinghappens bookshelf!!

This is missing 2 shelves and 2 doors. I have been working on orders despite the chaos, so that's why things are a little haphazard.

A reading corner for Luke:
Still to come- shelves... and books... and a quote.

Josh's Valentine's present... oops...

but I am farther in it than I was at the beginning of the weekend!

So there you have it. a 4 day weekend and I feel not accomplished at all!! Maybe each day afterschool I'll do a little bit and maybe by next week things will be wrapping up!

I did do an adorable order this past weekend for a sweet friend (and it's finished!!)! Always a silver lining!

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