March- HOLY COW?!?

I seriously feel like the last week of February FLEW- actually it did. And emergency trip to Rhode Island for my grandfather's funeral is enough to put anyone in a funk for a while.

I put my February goals here. I think I did pretty well considering.

1. Purge 100- I am on #67... the last 2 weeks slipped away from me. I have the post started and it will get posted in March.
2. Emergency Preparedness Kit- I had this planned to post the 23rd... the day we left. Sigh.
3. Plant some herbs. I planted cilantro and basil. I've been watching these sweet babies grow!! I had this post planned for Feb 28th so the deets are coming.

4. Work on Luke's Quiet book- This is officially scratched. I've started something else equally as enjoyable and need about another 2 days to finish. Here's a sneak peek:

5. Make a nail polish rack from an old wooden spice rack... BINGO!

So since I failed on practically 3 things what the heck did I do all month!??!
- I switched the ol' blog over from wordpress. Major improvement huh??
-Showed you part 2 of how I coupon.
-I reorganized my fabric and made use of comic book boards.
-Created an answered prayers board. LOVE this thing.

I was also able to mark some things off my 101 list!!!
3. Learn how to make a frap at home. Cause it’s more than milk, ice, and sugar- I’ve tried it and that’s nasty. I need to perfect it. It was incredible (and I think the secret is espresso). I'm going to try one late with milk ice cubes instead of water... I'll let you know how that turns out. (and maybe post the recipe.) 
29. Use all my lotion before I buy more. I have officially used it all! I actually had to buy more because I ran out!
94. Finish our will. It's DONE and just needs some super important siggys! 

I love reflecting on the month... it's really makes me feel like I get alot accomplished because sometimes I feel like I don't. 

We also put our house up for sale- so that's a constant burden making sure the house is presentable, there aren't dirty clothes everywhere, and that I hang up my towels and not just throw them on the bed ;)

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