Happy Spring/Easter!

Who else can't believe that Easter is 2 weeks away?? It feels really early this year, but this beautiful weather is totally getting me in the mood to do some outside work, spring cleaning, and have a yard sale!

Here are some things we did to celebrate Easter...
I made him an egg matching game. Painted egg carton:

matching eggs:
voila! (and it teaches him to match colors!) He loves it. And it cost a big ZERO dollars! (the eggs were leftover from years gone by)

I made him an appliqued shirt. So many holidays passed last year that I didn't make him a shirt for, so I decided the saying "the cobblers kids go without shoes" wouldn't happen to us! Now making him a holiday shirt is a priority!
I made an Easter sign for the door. It didn't exactly turn out like I envisioned, but I'm not an artist either! (my husband is in the background making funny faces through the glass).
And I get to use the Easter runner I got on mega-sale at the end of last season! Also the bunny was a yard ornament from who knows where??? He was uncovered in the yard a few years ago. A couple coats of white and he was good to go.
I like Spring, and Easter. I'm not into bunnies and eggs very much so this is about as decorated as it gets... and I am SUPER THRILLED about getting tickets to the Passion City Church Good Friday Service! Can't wait for that!

As Luke gets older I can't wait to begin teaching him the real meaning of Easter. I feel like holidays get so watered down by the hustle and although I like to be festive, I also like to stop and think about the meaning of why we celebrate. This is truly the most important holiday all year!

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