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The good people at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) give guidelines to bloggers about paid advertisements, endorsements, and anything else dealing with reviews/opinions and money. Here are a few things I feel that you should know: 
-Create Pretty is a source of income so occasionally I will use affiliate links, paid advertisements, and/or promote sponsors here on the blog. Any reviews/opinions I post about a product or service are my own. I am never paid to give a positive review. Ever.
-Affiliate links may be used and may or may not be noted. I do receive compensation when any of these products are purchased through my links. I only feature items I feel would be beneficial to you and have in fact bought or would like to buy.
-Speaking of that, honesty is very important at Create Pretty and I will always disclose when I have received compensation or a gift. Integrity will never be compromised for the Washingtons (Lincolns or Benjamins).
- All content is mine, has always been mine and will always be mine. Always.
-Pretty please remember that everyone is different, every project is different, and every situation is different. What works for us may not work for you. I am not responsible for your outcome and I assume no liability. Please thoroughly research and take necessary precautions before attempting anything from this blog.

Create Pretty will never share your personal information with third parties. We do use third party advertisers to support our site and those advertisers may use cookies. You may disable cookies at any time on your web browser. These companies may use aggregated information, not about YOU, but about your visit here and on other sites in order to provide more ads that are of interest to you. Go here for more information and/or to opt out.

Before posting THINK.
I have the right to remove and moderate comments that are rude, hateful or in bad taste to the content of this blog. Period. The end. This blog makes me happy and if you are being malicious you have no place here.

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