Finished Bookshelf!!!

My sewing storage used to look something like this: a little haphazard and thrown together. 
I made a huge improvement here when I wrapped all my fabric around comic book boards (and now I'm actually upcycling cardboard cereal boxes to wrap my new fabric).
Now here is the new and improved bookshelf!
Notice the back wall. I stenciled the green design while the back was pulled off. I think it really adds brightness and cheerfulness without being too overwhelming! I debated between blue, or pink (which was quickly vetoed by my husband) and stuck with the green.
I am seriously in LOVE! And it marks off #71!

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  1. I love the stenciling! And it all looks so neat and "findable" lol I sooo need to do something like this for my own stash rather than a plastic tote. You have also given me a great idea for what I can purchase to house all of my stuff!