June (gone?)

I hate thinking about this month ending. Overall it was really great (and really unexpected!- more on that in July). I wrapped up work for the summer, we took a trip to Pennsylvania, I get to spend all day every day with my 2 loves, and Josh turned 29!!

Here were my goals for the month.
1. Organize our dry goods-done: just not posted yet. I planned to do "kitchen week" and have a bunch of updates in our kitchen that I can't wait to share and I just didn't get it all together in June!
2. Make ringtones- fail: I pinned a site on pinterest that guides you step by step. BUT when I actually went to the site and there were 17 steps I decided I really need to be in the mood!
3. Liquid hand soap- done
4. Update 365 blog- 1/4 done: I've started by working backwards. It's overwhelming and I can only work for about 20 min at a time before my eyes totally cross.
5. Work in Luke's room- fail
6. blogroll and categories- done: Underneath each post there are categories. Hopefully this will make navigating the site a bit easier. Also there is a blog roll on the right side all the way past the archives and  popular posts. I wanted all the blogs I love reading in one place, and you can see some of the people that are totally inspiring to me!

I pretty much failed this month. boo. What always seems to happen is I get consumed with other things (because I did alot of things that weren't on the list). Oh well.

A quick recap:

{got a new coffee table and rug}
I do promise to get these things done along with keeping my summer goals in mind, and my new July goals which are coming tomorrow!

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