July: operation project pile

I keep a basket... filled with projects I need to finish. Some things are simple sewing/fixing a stuffed animal... some require much more attention. So here's my goal for this month- get to the bottom of this basket.

Some projects included are:
-Organize and put together our family cookbook.
-Fix Mr. Sock Monkey
-Make another hooded towel
-Organize car documents
-Embroidering project (4 shirts!)

There goes July! I am also working through this list of my summer goals (and I cringe thinking that once this month is over I only have 8-EIGHT days left of summer...) and my majorly failed June list.  Fortunately in the next month we will be doing alot of traveling and milking this summer for all it's worth. I anticipate waking up early and going to bed late to make the most out of it!

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