KW- part 4 (the finale): Recipe Book

I love cooking. Like seriously love it. I wish it wasn't so expensive, or the kitchen didn't get super toasty in the summer or I would be in there all.the.time.

Throughout the years I have collected recipes from various magazines, people, and websites. They all pretty much got thrown in my "cookbook" cabinet, and that's pretty much it.

I did make an effort before Luke was born to de-clutter and organize everything, but my binder was still stuffed and I couldn't find a single recipe I needed.

So I started over.

My new binder only has the recipes I have tried and like and will refer to periodically. I will keep the "sounds great but haven't tried" recipes in the back of it (in a clear plastic sleeve), but there is no use in retyping it and making it pretty for the book if the recipe is no good or if we don't like it.  Once they pass the "your good enough to get printed on pretty paper" test they will be added to the binder as well!

After I went through all our recipes, I organized them into 7 categories:
and punched out different paper for each category with my 2 inch scallop punch seen here.
Then I used the same paper to trim out the ordinary white cardstock, so I know at a glance what category each recipe is. I also re-typed every recipe with corrections and how I've customized it for us.
It also helped finding a binder that I thought was absolutely adorable!! (geometric flashback anyone??)

For future recipes I went ahead and cut out more strips to attach to the paper so it's already done (and hanging out in the back of the binder).

Now I wanna go cook something!

Well this was the end of "kitchen week"! It was fun I think (grouping posts together and focusing on one area). If you missed it here's part 1, part 2, and part 3. I am super happy about all that was accomplished!!


  1. Very nice! This has been on my list of projects for...about a year now. I'm determined to do it before summer ends. Wish me luck! =)

  2. Good luck!!! You can do it! :) It was on my list for a veryyyyy long time...

  3. I have that same binder for my Thirty One stuff!

  4. Isn't it amazing what a binder can do?? ;) BTW I read your blog and love it!