Organizing Car Documents

A peek into my glove box showed an explosion...

I realized that if I were ever pulled over I would struggle to find the important things I need (even though I KNEW it was all in there!).

Solution? Dollar section at Target...
Yep -long (envelope sized) coupon organizers. 2 of them since we have 2 vehicles.

I found this idea here, but I had to figure out my own way to make the labels (and make them cute- because let's face it: if it isn't cute, what's the point?).

I used powerpoint. I'm sure there were other ways to do this, but I am pretty familiar with the program.
I uploaded the backgrounds, played around with solid white boxes and text boxes. I brought up the ruler toolbar and measured my coupon organizer to make sure it would all fit.

Next I wanted to print them on labels. I had these sitting around. It only took 1 sheet since I was able to squeeze them on one page.

I cut them using my scrapbook cutter- best thing I've ever bought... I use it WAAAY more than I ever thought possible and I don't really scrapbook.
and stuck the stickers onto the coupon organizers. Seriously, the hardest part of this project was figuring out the color scheme ;)
LOVE this. I put the stickers through 9 just in case I want to go back and add things. If you live in a city that has tolls or emission records you will probably need to add that too. This is all we need and it fits perfectly in our glove boxes!

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