I shared here a little inspiration for Luke's room. Yes he's almost 3 and I am still working on his room. Although I hate to say that because his room was PERFECT when he was born,

but his needs have changed. He needs access to his toys if I expect him to play with toys and he needs space to play, etc.

Sharing some inspiration really got me motivated to finish this space. I have done some minor tweakage, but I am waiting to spill all the details in 1 post (and I'm not completely done tweaking).

But I have added some art!!!!

I found a rather large (2 feet by 2 feet) canvas at our church yard sale. It was $2 and I knew immediately I could paint over it (none of the paint was raised, so it would be easy to cover). I seriously can't believe I didn't take a before picture... It had a spider web with a background of harvest gold/orange and olive green. ick. Just the spider web creeped me out.

I found my inspiration here. I knew as soon as I saw her canvas that I wanted something similar. I am HORRIBLY not creative, but as soon as I see something I like, a light bulb goes off. So as I read her post my mind started racing- big ugly spider canvas-gray and blue wall paint- dollar store spackle knife.

To cover over the creepy web I used Kilz primer. I wanted to make sure it was gone for good!
I used 8 colors to be sure there were alot of different undertones. Although his room is red, white and blue, I stayed away from the reds (blue/red=purple=not good in a boys room unless it's an adorable penguin on flannel sheets).

The gray is what I used in our bathroom {Gray Horse by Ben Moore}, and the big blue top is his wall color {Mineral Water by Behr}. The rest are just random colors I had in my paint box. The bottom left white tube is a pearly white. It really made all the difference in this art.
I knew I wanted my squares to be smaller than the inspiration art. So I smeared paint on the spackle knife, and got to work pulling it downward.

I LOVE the effect of the paint settling at the bottom of each square. Just lovely.
And a closeup. See how it shimmers?
And the mostly finished product. 
I'll share later how it all fits in the room. Because if I told you where it was living, I'd give away the biggest secret of this whole sha-bang.

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