Weekly Update: 7/9-7/13

Why are these weeks going so fast???

We have pretty much spent the week at home. I feel like it has either been too hot to go outside or it has been raining. So we are finding other things to do.

Thursday was filled with seeing some great friends. Holly and I met for lunch and our kiddos got to see each other. That night we hung out with Andrew and Britt who are only here another 2 weeks before going back to S. Korea.

VBS is today and this weekend at church. I am teaching the preschool class so I have been busy getting that stuff all together and decorating. I am not even half way done and it starts at 5:30 tonight (YIKES).

We leave for Gulfport this weekend to see family. Not really excited about the 8 hour drive with Luke, but we'll make the best of it (knowing there's a beach on the other side!).

We'll hit 3 beaches in 3 states in 3 weeks! A few days we'll be in Gulfport, MS, then we go to youth camp with Ebenezer in Myrtle Beach. Then we'll go with my family to Destin, FL! I'm ready, but I know at the other end we are going to be exhausted! (especially since we get home the night before I have to be at work!)

This is what summer is all about right??

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