KW- part 2: The Pantry...

...was non- existant. It was something that didn't really bother me when we moved in, but it really bothers me now. In our old house (a 650 square foot cottage) we had a huge pantry/linen closet combo. We used one side for a pantry and the other side for the linen closet. It was so nice to be able to see everything and take inventory in a few seconds.

Here, there is no where to put a pantry unless we did a complete kitchen gut (which isn't happening).

We have TONS of cabinets, so storage wasn't an issue. But you had to open 3 cabinets to find the one thing you needed. Also things got crammed behind other things which was really annoying when I thought we were out of something, and then I'd buy it again, and then we ended up with doubles.

So we found this beautiful blog... with tons of inspiration to go around!
The second I showed it to josh he was on board with making it (cause the good Lord knows I can hardly cut straight with scissors much less power tools).

We had about 5.5 inches to work with between the fridge and countertop. Pretty amazing what you can do with that space huh??

Here it is pulled out. We pretty much followed classy clutter's step by step tutorial. We did adjust the height of the shelves to personalize it for our needs.
Not bad, and all in all it was less than $50. It was just 1x4s, bead board, dowels, casters, and a handle.
Another summer goal marked off!!

If you missed the last post about the cabinet issue, go here.

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