Luke room: a little inspiration

I have just NOT been feeling this room.... I am stuck on ideas- yet at the same time I have a hundred ideas in my head of what I want to do- I just can't make any decisions. SO I figured a little post about some ideas would maybe give me some inspiration to continue. Maybe?

Here's what I have to work with:
It really is a blank canvas. We recently (April maybe?) moved his toy box/storage cube unit out of his closet. His dresser used to be here and it took up waaaay more space, so the wall didn't feel so.... BIG. Now it just feels blank and undone. Especially considering his other wall looks like this:
Here are some ideas I have for the empty space...

I'm thinking something like this saying: 
on a pallet?
I need to do a little more research about sealing these babies off... incase there's any chemicals on them. Or I may just play around with scrap wood to get the same effect b/c the pallet may just be too big for the space. Like I said- this post is all about my brainstorms...

I found this canvas at a yard sale-
CLEARLY I'm not going to keep it like that. I'm thinking of painting it and putting a quote on it. 
I've thought maybe Dr. Seus? Or I recently fallen in love with this:
Although I probably wouldn't do the Atlanta skyline, I love the idea, and I would love to make one that represents something special to us. Still thinking.....

I LOVE these stuffed animal shelves:
I also have an American flag pail like this:
I think it would be cute holding his books or favorite stuffed animals. 

I would love to add something like this for behind his door to hold jackets during the winter:
and although we already have a growth chart, I am REALLY thinking I like this better:
I am somehow going to incorporate his coming home outfit:
And we have even talked about getting an IKEA Expedit shelving unit to give us more storage... so I might not have as much wall space as I originally thought. 

I haven't made much progress from here but at least all the ideas floating in my head are in one place. My mind is a scary place to be ;)

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