Weekly Update: 6/25-6/29

Lots of great things have been happening this week!

Josh left Monday to go to youth camp (M-Fuge) with the youth group. I have been on single parent duty all week (which is totally exhausting!!).

His big 2-9 was Thursday and we are getting a babysitter this weekend so we can go out to dinner alone (which is totally rare!!).

We went to my parents house on Wednesday and had some great time hanging out! Of course we hit up Goodwill and I got some pretty amazing things (2 amazing bags, a candle holder, and a baby rocking chair) all for less than $20!

We came home this afternoon and our wonderful dog sitter had mowed our lawn! Josh got everything else done before he left for youth camp (the church, cemetery, and 2 neighbors yards) but he didn't have time for ours, so it was super sweet for our pet sitter to do that!!

I am still recovering from being away for a few days=messy house, laundry, and pure exhaustion. Hopefully this weekend will be ample time to recover. I'm looking forward to being "mome" as Luke says (home).

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