KW- part 3: The freezer...

was a hot mess.
Everything was just kind of thrown in. I LOVE bottom freezers- let's face it: at hardly 5'1" a top freezer would be neglected. I wouldn't be able to stand the cold long enough to reach what I needed. With the bottom freezer I can really find everything I need.

Ummm not really sure what was going on with the ice maker. It was about to overflow. This whole situation just wigged me out.
I assure you that nugget got thrown away and was not consumed by any family member ;)

So I knew I needed to section things off- I pulled everything out and basically had 4 categories: meat, bread, leftovers, veggies. We do have a large chest freezer in the garage so lots of veggies and leftovers go out there as well. I like the meat inside so I can see what all I have. I grabbed a few bins from around the house... and voila:
The french fries didn't really fit anywhere else. Also I have an unwritten rule that if something gets opened it stays in the inside freezer. So the french fries stay.

A little before and after in one shot.
In case you're wondering why we have frozen water bottles in the bottom of the freezer- we had an energy audit done on our home a while back. Because freezers run literally non-stop they use alot of power, so the energy guy said that the more things that are frozen in the freezer the easier it is to maintain the temperature it needs to be. So he said if you have any extra room, throw in water bottles, milk jugs, etc.

Also today was supposed to be recipe/cookbook day according to this list. I am not quite ready to share that yet (still working on it) so a little flexibility never hurt right??

Here you go in case you missed part 1 and part 2!

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