Weekly Update: 7/16-7/20

This week was the beginning of our crazy traveling next few weeks! First stop?? Gulfport, Mississippi to see Uncle Jason and Josh's family from Arkansas! We had a blast crashing Jason's abode and being beach bums. Luke had some wonderful times with his Nana and G-pa!

I snuck in a Goodwill trip:

and found an amazing place called Treasure Hunt. Ummmm if you are EVER near one, please stop... for me k?? I walked in an was literally breathless. It was a huge store with mostly name brand stuff. Oh yeah it wasn't only name brand stuff, but TARGET stuff! I went crazy. Like hyperactive eyeballs, give myself a headache crazy. It was a mix between the randomness of a thrift store and Big Lots and  everything was new. In Gulfport we spent less than $20 and walked away with some really fun stuff (Josh got 2 shirts, I got a few kitchen towels, and Luke got a pair of swim shorts).

Our Gulfport trip was over WAY too fast and we were on our way to Meridian. So why didn't anyone tell me before now that there's a Treasure Hunt there too??? So I spent Thursday afternoon LITERALLY digging through shelves full of great stuff!
Like always our trips to Meridian are always waaaay too short. We spent some Q-time with Josh's dad and his wife. Luke got spoiled with more trains- his relatives are WAAAAY too generous. ;)

Friday was spent having lunch with Corey, Kim, Jace and Ally and then we were headed for home. . We stopped in Atlanta for a quick birthday dinner with my daddy. Luke loved sneaking in a few minutes with Lulu and Pops.

I feel like this summer is absolutely FLYING. I can't wait for our other trips to the beach. Just spending 1 day in Gulfport wasn't enough and Luke LOVED the sand (the water? notsomuch).

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