Treasure Hunt

So I mentioned here that I found this amazing store! It's called Treasure Hunt and it seems to be a Mississippi thing.

Every aisle pretty much looked like this:
Yikes... but there were times that you could see the glimmer of hope on each shelf:
See that round lamp on the top shelf??Ahhhh-mazing!

The pillow aisle stole my heart...
I walked away with 3 of them...
These navy blue/white pillows are beautiful! They match Luke's room perfectly. Funny story behind these: I saw them in Gulfport and almost bought them but decided against it... we left drove 3 hours to Meridian and I couldn't stop thinking about how I should have bought them. After going to the Treasure Hunt in Meridian they had the same ones! They are originally from Target priced @$14 each. I got them 2for$14!
This navy/teal/tan pillow matches our living room. I looked at the tag and this is what I found: The Treasure Hunt price was half of that- so $12.50- still not much of a deal in my book.
Until I flipped the tag again...
Oops: they left the Target tag on! They are supposed to take this off and they mark everything back to their original prices (then they take 40%, 50%, 60% + off the original price). Since they accidentally left this on they had to honor their word and "take 50% off the lowest ticketed price". Yep I got this pillow for $3.74!!! (I seriously walked around with it in my cart feeling like someone was going to snatch it because they knew my pillow was marked down so low). hehe.

Since Luke is still SUPER easy to buy for I am always looking for larger sized things... these are swim shorts in 4T and 5T. 1 was $2.99 and the other was $3.99. You seriously can't beat that at consignment stores (much less for new ones).
I love the print on this potholder! It was like $2. I have an idea pinned of what to do with it!
A bunch of dish towels (I love me some Christmas linens!)!!

Found these picture frames in the $1 buy out section where everything was 69¢... yep you read that right 69¢ each! A nice coat of white satin spray paint... dunzo.
Flannel sheets (from target)! We LOVE our flannel sheets so I bought Luke a set. We're over the purple penguin... A good deal is a good deal! ;) 
Quite possibly the most amazing finds?? Our wedding plate/set:
Those babies retailed for over $400 (thanks Uncle Jason) and these were right at $100. FOR THE SAME SET.

and our Christmas dishes:
The most random find? (and I am in no way making fun of this- I know it is a huge issue).... it just made me chuckle...
 I just couldn't believe how much Target stuff they had! I LOVE Target's linens and decorating things and this was like a gold mine (especially since everything was 50%-80% off retail!).

So, if you ever find yourself in Mississippi you should check this place out! Apparently they are all over the state!

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