Gulfport Trip Wrap-up

We had a whirlwind trip to Gulfport Mississippi last week. I say whirlwind because it was originally supposed to be a 10+ day trip to Arkansas with a couple stops in between. Since Josh is becoming the youth pastor at EBC, we had to cut it short in order to go to camp at Myrtle Beach with the youth (which I am thrilled about!)!

Luke was out within the first 20 minutes:

We met Josh's mom (Nana), step-dad (g-pa), and his 2 sisters in Gulfport at uncle Jason's house. Yep- we basically crashed his pad. Poor guy is used to living alone with his dog... a 2 year old sure livens things up!

We spent the first day on the beach- Luke LOVES sand, but hates the water. So he would sucker me into filling his bucket so he could dump the water where he was playing. Stinker. 
He played ALL DAY and even napped out there:
Sweet baby toes:
Josh and Mike:
And Josh and his brother went for a run on the beach:
(not my idea of a good time- but to each their own!)

The girls (me included) basically just lounged and chilled in the water. It was wonderful!

Tuesday we went to a children's museum. Luke loved it. 
He especially loved the train table.
Like he pitched a fit when he we had to leave it- and this was right inside the front door- oye!
The outdoor play area/treehouses were amazing...
And in typical "wild man" fashion:
I captured a few sweet faces too:
Gulfport is still dealing with the loss from Hurricane Katrina. Josh was actually stationed in Gulfport with the National Guard shortly after it hit. So he got to see how far they have come. This house faced the beach- beautiful!
and then you still have empty lots still with the original foundations like this:
Overall this community has come A LONG WAY! It was beautiful!

Luke was sad to leave everyone. Josh's mom and family left first. So Luke had a really hard time saying bye to uncle Jason and his "good girl (dog)" Molly. Jason and Molly- cute right?? (to all my fellow Bachelor watching friends!). 

So we headed out to Grampa's to play trains!
Overall this trip was super fun and super exhausting! 1/3 beach trips conquered!

By the way- I am counting this as my summer goal #6 "Go somewhere I haven't been before". I really wanted to go to the Diamond National Park in Arkansas but since that didn't work out this is the next best (I've never been to the beach in Mississippi!)!

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