I LOVE printables

Before Picnik closed in April, I was able to figure out and make some printables. These are ideas I mostly found on Pinterest, but I wanted to customize them to fit our colors/life.

After 3 months without Picnik I have finally figured out how to make printables again! I was hoping to figure out photoshop on our Mac, but since time hasn't magically multiplied this summer, picmonkey.com is the best website I've found. I absolutely LOVE this site. It's super easy to use and the print quality is phenomenal. I can't believe I'm saying this because I didn't think anything could get better than Picnik, but I think picmonkey is way more user friendly!! (it's also how I put text on pictures). I think my favorite feature about it is you don't have to log in. I always forget login user names/passwords, so I don't have to spend 10 minutes figuring that out.

Here are some that I made-

Luke's birth stat printable:

Dates that changed us forever printable:

Always kiss me good night printable:

Oh how He loves us:

"Love the Lord" printable:

I absolutely LOVE putting these all around our house!!!

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