just some sewing...

My sewing machine is back from being serviced and it works beautifully!! By the way, if I can make a recommendation (and I'm not being paid or perked to say this) but sewingmachines.com is a great place! They are located in Atlanta and fix/tune up machines and they have a little store there too. I could have literally spent all day there. Their website is also phenomenal and I already have an order that I'm about to place. Enough about that...

Here are some things I've been up to:

A few shirts for a co- worker at school  (TES are the initials for our school)-

A train shirt for Luke-

I fixed Mr. Sock Monkey. His original seam had come undone. Really he just needed a slip stitch to close him back up. Since he is in the grips of a 2 year old most of the time, I stitched him up TIGHT!-
I've missed sewing! I'm glad my machine is back and working!

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