Weekly Update: 9/24-9/30

This week has been a crazy chaotic non-stop type week! They always go faster and I am ready for October!

Monday Luke got his Flu shot. We panicked when we thought Josh had the flu last week and we are all unprotected. Although I know this is a controversial topic, we are full believers in the flu shot here. The one year I didn't take it, I got it (24 weeks pregnant with Luke) and although Luke got the flu on his first birthday, it was an easy recovery since he had taken the shot. He was sick for barely a day but tested positive for it, and his symptoms were greatly reduced!
Hopefully Josh's immune system is almost recovered for him to get it sometime this coming week!

I mentioned last week that we got Luke a new Thomas DVD that came with a new train. Also the DVD has a few new engines in it and one of the trains is named Luke! Well, now Luke is going around saying him name (first and last) perfectly! Well Luke is perfect (he used to say Duke). He is pronouncing our last name more like Bo-bef :) Before all this, when I would ask him his name he would be really shy about it. It's so cute to hear him say his first and last name!

At school, Luke didn't have a great week. Picture day was Tuesday and according to his teachers, he threw himself down in a tantrum. He got sad faces Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at school too. We have really been focusing on behavior at home too and although his teachers say he's not "bad" he just doesn't like to listen. We see that as being just as disrespectful as being "bad" so we are working on those skills. He got a smiley face Thursday and Friday so we're hoping it continues!

Friday Josh was "arrested" by Luke's school and held with "bail or jail" (a $50 donation). They were raising money for the March of Dimes and the Sheriff in town was literally coming around town and arresting people. It was cute, and for a good cause. Josh absconded most of the day, but went to get Luke around 3:30 and was caught. Fortunately I came and bailed him out.

Ebenezer sponsored dinner for the Middle School football team, cheerleaders, auxiliary, and band on Saturday so that's what we did pretty much the whole day. It was so great to have so many wonderful people come together to make that a success! And the kids loved it!

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