We spent the weekend....

at my parent's house. There was a lot that needed to be done and they needed younger muscles to help ;)

We pretty much spent the whole day pressure washing. They had a pressure washer that they've had since 2004. It worked for a while...
and then died. Mom had to make an emergency trip to Home Depot to buy a new one. It was almost like the motor was overheating, and it would decide when it would work again. Fortunately the new one worked without a hitch the WHOLE afternoon. I think we pressure washed for 6 hours straight.
Here is the before:
and the after:
Needless to say I think it's made us question whether we want a 2 story house. It was alot of work (most of the time spent on a ladder).

Then we moved to the front stoop. This was literally a safety hazard.
Their house doesn't get much sunlight because they live in practically a forest. When it rains alot moss/mildew starts to grow. This stoop was super slippery.
Josh also dug a ditch to hide a drainage pipe in the backyard and we re-hung their pantry door (so that it would clear the floor because they just got a new kitchen floor).

It was a hard working weekend but pressure washing on a hot day is actually a great idea! It kept us cool enough so we didn't feel like we had to keep running inside for a/c!

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