Memory box & Luke's work

I shared yesterday about re-organizing our book closet. My major goal was to be able to fit Luke's work box and our memory box in there. I had to move our memory box over from a huge rubber maid box to this smaller filing box. One way I was able to make our memory box so much smaller was by pulling all the loose pictures out and organizing them by year. I have no idea where those will be stored yet, but I'll worry about that when the photo organizing project is dunzo.

First I cut the vinyl to label the boxes. I love my Silhouette!
The memory box is pretty basic. I have organized pieces of our life by year. They are stored in ziploc bags labeled by year. Some of the bags close, other don't. Some years have 2 bags (2007-the year we were married), and some years we hardly fill. It just depends. I did go through the bags as I did this project to make sure the stuff still meant alot to us. I also have a totally separate box of things from Luke's birth that are stored in his room (his ultrasound pictures, the newspaper and TIME magazine from the day he was born, hospital bands, etc). But pretty much everything else goes in the memory box. I would LOVE to not out grow this box. Even if it means taking pictures of things and storing the pictures by year to save space. I want to hold on ONLY to the most sentimental things.

Luke's work box is my favorite out of this whole sha-bang.

He started 2 year old "pre-school" last year. With preschool came ALOT of papers and work that he does each day. I treasure every piece he brings home.

Clearly I don't have the heart to purge any of it yet-
His work from just 1 year takes up the over half the box.
I have broken down the years by manilla folders. On the outside of each "new year" I have put this paper with info from that year (teacher, year, photo). This printable was free here. She has the MOST INCREDIBLE organizing ideas. I read her blog everyday just for inspiration!
I keep an "original" of this form in my printables folder- just incase iheartorganizing ever decides to take it off her "freebie"tab.

I have already created this coming year's file. But we don't have a school picture yet, and his artwork is still hanging on his masterpiece wall.

I would LOVE for this file box to house ALL his papers for all the years he's in school. I'm well aware that I am going to have to purge some alot, but like I said I'm just not ready yet. I have "pinned" something on pinterest that says you can take pictures of a child's work and it will turn it into a book. Also I could take a photo of some that I don't want to keep, but want to remember and put it in the photo box organized by year. Lots of ideas.
Both of these boxes get housed in the newly organized book closet. I love them both and they will be used VERY frequently!

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