Closing off September!

As we near the end of the month, I love looking back at everything that was accomplished. Does anyone else love flipping the page of their calendar as much as I do?? I hate how messy and crammed my calendar gets toward the end of the month and when I flip the page it's like clean, untouched boxes! Beautiful!

Here were my goals:
1. Read "The Last Lecture"
2. Save all our coin change this month and see what it ='s*
3. Photo storage-continue- buy boxes* 
4. Organize Luke's artwork*
5. Clean my makeup brushes
6. Paint laundry room
7. Finish painting front doors (yup there's 2 of them) and hardware*
8. Re-arrange office*
9. 101's updated*
10. Work through to-do list in Luke's room*

The * stood for things I got a head start on at the end of August. How'd I do?


#6- here and here
And for the smaller tasks not blogworthy enough, but still important:
#1. Read "The Last Lecture"- DONE. What a great book! Some things that really stuck out at me were to follow your dreams. Even if they seem big. And teach your kids to ask more than 1 word questions. LOVE that advice!
#2. Save all our coin change this month and see what it ='s
I saved every penny, nickle, dime, and quarter that came through my wallet and it equaled $5.95! Although it wasn't as much as I thought, that is still a pretty big amount when you think most are pennies and dimes! I collected it all in a March of Dimes container and we will donate it to Luke's school Monday!
#5. Clean my makeup brushes
I used a mixture of 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 water mixture. After wetting the tips of the brushes I cleaned them with baby shampoo and sat them on a towel to dry. LOVE that they are clean now!

#8. Re-arrange office
We did this and I don't feel like we did enough to even show pictures. As soon as we decide color, curtains, pillows, etc. then I'll do a before and after post. But it is rearranged and the new futon arrived and has ben slept on for 3 nights already!!
#9. 101's updated
I mentioned here that I updated/deleted some items on the list. My 101s are now completely up to date!

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