Weekly Update: 9/3-9/7

This was a 3 day work week for me. It's always nice to have something to look forward to!

The rest of Labor Day was spent with my parents up here. We just hung out, and did some cleaning around here (our house was a disaster from 2 weeks of working and doing so many house projects)! It's always nice to have an extra set of hands to help out. Josh and I were also able to finish painting the siding thanks to a new ladder- we weren't really sure how we were going to get to the highest peak on the house. SO glad that is finally done and our house is no longer 2 toned!

Thursday we both took personal days and went to Ft. Jackson in Columbia, SC to see Tucker (Tuck Tuck) graduate from Boot Camp. Little man had quite the bed head when we left at 6:30 am!
We had a good chuckle on the way down because Luke couldn't say "boot". First he was saying "poop camp" and then as we got him to say the B sound it came out as "boob" camp. I just love the way he talks and his versions of words are so cute and innocent! 

We are on a mission to hopefully paint the laundry room this weekend which means more house chaos. We are going to pull EVERYTHING out and just start over. Although I know that's the only way to accomplish this efficiently, I always hate to see it get worse before it gets better! 

Sadie girl's surgery is today. I am super anxious about how she'll be (in pain, lethargic, normal), so it should be an interesting night! 

We have a yard sale next week so I am going to be scrambling around this week trying to get everything in order. Also with trying to wrap up the front door project and the laundry room project I am feeling overwhelmed (but in a good motivated way!). 

I have to share this as I end... last night Josh was looking around for a set of gray sheets to put on the bed.  He kept saying "I know I folded them- I thought I put them in the bedroom. Have you seen them?" I hadn't, but I SWORE I remembered washing them.... so we ransacked the house looking for them. The pillowcases were in the linen closet but no sheets... We looked in closets, in dresser drawers (?!), under the bed, inside the couch... nothing. He turns to me and says, "Did we even buy sheets?" I was like "ummmm I thought so?" After digging up the receipt (we had bought them in Destin) we realized we didn't buy the sheets, just the pillowcases (sounds dumb, but we use more pillows than we usually have cases for, so we bought gray cases to go with the red ones that are usually on the bed). Ummm senior moment??? We laughed until we cried, because we were both SO SURE we had them. Josh even said he remembered how soft they were (of course he was thinking of the cases). If we are like this in our twenties I SHUDDER to think what we are going to be like in our eighties lol!

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