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I spilled my guts here about how thankful I am for Josh's new job. I am just thrilled beyond words that I am finally getting to see and be a part of what my husband loves to do. It's amazing. 

Along with the new job, came new office space to move around. We all know Josh loves to putter. 
Here he is thinking really hard in his "new office". By the way- by new I mean straight from the late 80s early 90s complete with the green and maroon. 
{there is still alot to be done- shelf, pictures on the floor}

Take note of those walls, couch, and lamp- I'll mention them later!
The church was actually in the middle of taking down the wall paper and repainting Josh's first week on the job. Josh's first request: please find me a slipcover for that couch. 
A family at the church gave him the slip cover- better already right?
Aren't the brown and tan walls dreamy?? 

That picture also shows the new paint color. (We moved the couch to the other wall). Here was that wall before:
{big difference huh?}
Remember the lamp from the first picture? That was Josh's second request. Your wish is my command!
It got a coat of ORB and the hunt was on for a lamp shade. The cheapest I could find was a $10 one at IKEA. That is actually what we were going to do- until we came across this at Lowes. 
Yep- 3 bucks for a shade! If I were to be completely honest I wouldn't have picked this up at full price. But Josh liked it, and he's the one who needs to live with it. I really like it in the room now:
Next request from the hubs? Area rug. I couldn't agree more. The carpet was just- bland. 

I looked around, but not very seriously. I knew that when we came across one he love that we would know it. I came across this one at Target. The only reason it caught my eye was the color and the red sale tag. 
Josh said it look like a zebra who was oxygen deprived. I couldn't have said it any better if I tried. So I just decided we'd keep our eyes out but not look too seriously. It was for sure a WANT not a NEED.

We didn't look too long until we came across that amazing Lowe's sale again- $22 beans... yes please.
Since the couch was moved to the blank wall, it left that wall (directly across from his desk) open. We found the table at IKEA (I think it was $19) and the chairs were from my mom. The fabric is also from IKEA at $4.99 a yard!
Just some closeups:

Here the story of how the chair evolved. My mom brought them up for a yard sale last spring. They didn't sell and I told Josh they were just too good to donate. He agreed so we stored them in the shed. Originally the wood piece on the back was stained a honey color. We popped those off and gave them a coat of Hammered Black spray paint to match the rest of the hammered iron bones of the chair. The chairs came covered in this fabric. 
Now in her defense, she was covering up this (in the hopes it would sell in a yard sale):
I ripped off the fruit fabric and recovered them in the amazing number print fabric. If you don't know Josh well you may not know that he is actually REALLY good at math. Like he took college algebra a second time because he liked it so much. We have nothing in common when it comes to math skills. So he likes numbers and he LOVES this fabric!
I had to re-upholster them after Luke was in bed. I took my work outside since the nail gun sound was super loud.
I thought it was cool as I was ironing the fabric that "thirty one" stood out! So all you 31 sellers- there ya go!
After it was all finished I wished I had secretly built in "twelve" on one chair and "fifteen" on the other since that is our anniversary- oh well.

So since we can never fully finish 1 project at a time; here's what we have left to do.
{clean some clutter}
{and more clutter}
{put something on this wall}
{and this wall}
It sure has come a long way!

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