Laundry Room

After the domino effect our laundry room was in desperate need of a big ole' hug. Here is the before.
This room is literally a "catch-all". This is the way we walk in our house every day. It's where we keep bags (diaper bags, work bags, etc). We hang jackets here (how sad is it that there are still jackets hanging from last winter??). The laundry basket on the floor is for plastic and cardboard recycling. The cubbies are leftover from college but they are super necessary. Sadie has a basket for her treats, medicine, etc. There is a basket for our outdoor stuff (sunblock, bug spray, etc). Josh has a bin where he can empty the contents of his pockets. Everything on that shelf must stay.

I was over the baby blue. I'm tired of picking paint colors because they are "safe". This room is teeny tiny (5 feet wide by 12 feet long), but it gets the most natural light in the whole house because of the windows on the door and the window above the washer/dryer. The door (which would be where I'm standing taking the picture) leads to the dining room and a floor to ceiling sliding glass door (which allows more natural light). I was just feeling like this room was washed out and safe.

Not to mention some other problems...
We had a dog that chewed our moulding- excuse the nasty dog hair in this picture. I really don't clean up for before pictures. It makes the after ones even sweeter!
And the tan electric box. Talk about it sticking out like a sore thumb. I really don't mind the color of it. That tan is kinda pretty. But it was just an eye sore.

The first thing I wanted to tackle was the moulding. Whoever painted before we moved in painted the top of the trim throughout the whole house. When I painted the baby blue I wasn't interested in painting trim, so I just followed suit. But it really annoyed me that the top of the trim was the wall color- it's suppose to be white!! So tackle I did:
This was time consuming. And it took 2-3 coats to cover the blue. But the end result was totally worth it. It's amazing how touching up the trim makes the whole room feel brighter. By the way- my trim color is "moon rise" by Behr. It's gorge. I went back and forth a hundred times trying to decide if I should paint the walls first or the trim. I went with the trim because I would rather be messy with the white and cover it up with the wall color than do the wall first and be careful on the trim. I actually enjoy cutting in, (with a small handled angled brush).
{here is old faithful as we gave the siding a coat of paint}
After getting a coat of white on all the trim, I began painting. We chose "Plumage" by Martha Stewart. Home Depot doesn't sell MS paint, but they still have the color samples up and they will mix the color with whatever brand of paint you choose. This color is basically the color of a peacock. It's beautiful! Since they had a $5 rebate sale off a gallon of paint the weekend I bought it (Labor Day), I went with Behr. This color is not "safe". It's bold. And dark. And I'm in love.
We painted over the electric box. It blends in so much better.

I found this canvas inspirational as I was walking through Hobby Lobby. I think I'll take the idea (mixing a bunch of my favorite patterns) and paint it with yellow, teal, and green to contrast the wall color. It'll go centered on the wall where the electric box is. (yes, it'll cover part of it. I'll spill the deets later).
The cubbies didn't change much. Josh has requested labels on the outsides of the bins. So I am brainstorming that. We do plan to paint the cubbies white for blending purposes.
Here is the wall where we keep the bags (my work bag, and Luke's diaper bag). I plan on adding either a mirror over the hook, or a photo canvas (or both). I'm still debating.
The coat rack is up only temporary while I wait for a sunny day to paint the raw wood. It'll eventually be a sun shine yellow. 

And how could I forget?? How cute are these vinyl antique keys I cut on the Silhouette??? We added a cup hook to the bottom- voila! An instant key holder. I do plan on painting the cup hooks white to blend a little better. (by the way- those drip marks were there when we moved in. I should have sanded them, and repainted before hanging the vinyl- it's only something that's noticeable at certain angles and with the flash).
Our cleaning supplies hang out behind the door to the dining room. It always annoyed us that the door wouldn't open all the way. So Josh raised the caddy hooks about a foot and the problem was miraculously solved. (I think it was interfering with the ironing board that hangs out on the back of the door).
And while I had the trim paint out I went ahead and gave the ceiling a fresh coat. It looks so fresh now!

So what's left? (cause' you know I always have a to-do list going!)
1. Make canvas art (big and cheap)
2. Paint cup hooks
3. Find a rug (yellow or green maybe?) and trash the bachelor black and tan one
4. Add a mirror or art over the bag hook. There is also some space to the left of the window to add something too (maybe?).
5. Paint the cubbies white to blend a little more into the washer.
6. Spray paint the coat rack yellow
7. Spray the door knobs leading to the dining room ORB

Wanna know what's incredible about all of this?? THIS ROOM FEELS BIGGER!! How is that possible to paint a room a darker color and it feel bigger?! I think because the trim and ceiling are so crisp white it draws your eyes up and make the space feel taller- which in turn makes it feel wider. It's amazing what fresh trim and natural light will do!

For the canvas and curtain I found some great deals at Hobby Lobby! Here is the canvas' I found (a double pack for $7.99 and the fabric was $8.99 a yard plus an additional 40% off!! wahoo!! For $14 I got a great jumpstart on the accessories for this room! I can't wait to get it all together!!
UPDATE: To see this room completely done head over here and here

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