September Goals

Here they are. My lengthy September list. To be completely honest, I have already begun many of these (*), and it's more of a "let's get finished already" list.

1. Read "The Last Lecture"
2. Save all our coin change this month and see what it ='s*
3. Photo storage-continue- buy boxes* 
4. Organize Luke's artwork*
5. Clean my makeup brushes
6. Paint laundry room
7. Finish painting front doors (yup there's 2 of them) and hardware*
8. Re-arrange office*
9. 101's updated*
10. Work through to-do list in Luke's room*

I'm really excited about moving the office around (we are trying to pare down and make room for a futon). Why? Because we are just tired of pulling out the air mattress every time we need an extra bed. Can I just say I thought I'd NEVER be in the market for buying a futon ever again... that's so we graduated college 5 years ago. But it just makes sense for the extra room. Beds take up too much space!

I'm also knee deep in painting projects. The fronts of the front doors are actually already painted but I need to finish the back sides and hardware (and trim). 

I have bought the storage containers for Luke's artwork and the photo storage, but I still need to get on the organizing train. 

Although this month is going to be busy, I think we have a majority of weekends free. Sadie's surgery is this Friday and we're having a yard sale the following weekend, but other than that we get to work work work!

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