101s (an update)

Every few months I look through my 101 goals to see how far I've come on them. I am sometimes shocked at how many things I get to knock off that I didn't even realize while I was completing it! Then there are those goals that are either too lofty or too difficult to accomplish. So I purge the list. And add some new things that I want to do. So that's what I did. Here are the ones that didn't make the cut:

17. Stop biting my nails and hang nails

-Sounds great- but I've been trying for almost 9 months, and it's just not happening. I do better when my nails are painted, but I think it'll always be a part of me!

19. Take my vitamins!!!

-I take them fairly regularly, but not consistent enough to feel good about marking them off. So it's gone. I'll take them when I take them. 

37. Get pictures into my “gallery” in my blog

- Since life is really busy, I no longer want to advertise my embroidering in my blog. Sometimes it'll pop up with project I complete, but my time is too limited to be working on orders all the time. Also I deleted the gallery page.

47. Make him a matching game out of fabric

- I tried, and failed. And gave up. And so I want this goal to be gone and quit reminding me about my failure ;)

60. Call the pound on nasty stray dogs and cats and commit to get any animals we may take in spayed/neutered (although we won’t be taking in any more animals!!- I just had to make this one positive)

- I'm 99.9% positive that Josh and I are on the same page about this. If there's an animal that we need to call the pound on we'll do it. Again this isn't a measurable goal that I can mark off. 

64. Delete my myspace!

- Tried and I'm not really sure what came of it. I no longer use the email account I set it up under. And I can't remember my password- and I filled out some form to have it deleted, but basically I really don't care anymore- so it's gone too. 

Which opens my 101 list to 6 new goals! They are posted there already under the numbers of the ones I deleted!

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