Laundry Room: an update

We've been working our tails off since this post (which was only 4 days ago) to get some details in the laundry room put together.

We have a curtain! Can I get an AMEN?
I absolutely LOVE this view when I'm doing laundry:
Deck, white rocking chair, bliss. I am planning a tutorial post. It was really easy (and although I started off doing a different type of treatment- this is what I ended up liking better).

How beautiful is this site as you walk in the door and see the door paint, room paint, and curtains all in one view?? (our poor little scarecrows need some hot glue love- lol!)

The coat rack is up and painted! I used Krylon "Bright Idea". And I remember why I HATE Krylon paint! In my opinion it doesn't go on well. Maybe if I had used primer? I much prefer the Rustoleum brand. But Krylon does have so pretty amazing colors so I'll give them that. This rack took about 9 light coats. And I still wasn't happy with the tip of the hooks. They just didn't cover as well as I wanted.
The gold brassy doorknob and hinges got a coat of Oil Rubbed Bronze. By the way I have 5 doors down, and only 4 more to go in the whole house! Wahoo!
I am planning on putting a mirror here:
And a canvas here:
After those 2 last things, this room will be FINISHED! Yay!!

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