So long August!

So it's that time again. Time to say goodbye to another month. 1 month closer to Christmas... 1 month closer to summer break (is it bad that I already think about that??!). 

Here's a quick wrap up of August. If you remember I got behind on the blog when we went to Destin, so I decided against setting official goals for the month. I just wanted to get some loose ends tied up. The only thing I'm disappointed about not getting to this summer is making Christmas stockings! I really wanted to get that done before I feel the pressure of the holidays!

Here's what was accomplished:

Some work in Luke's room and a new coat rack:

I made some sand art which smashed on the ground when we had new siding installed:
(it was pretty while it lasted)
I labeled our dry goods with chalk board vinyl:

We started a new school year!

We got new siding...

and painted all the new siding gray....
which also takes care of #72 off the list- paint the house gray after new siding!
We got a new island that miraculously matched our existing cabinets!

I haven't blogged about it yet but we also marked #42 off the list: Get away for the weekend without the baby.

I'll be back to share Septembers goals, and to show how I've mixed up my 101 list!

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