Weekly Update: 8/27-9/1

Ohhh thank goodness for a 3 day weekend! I am exhausted and I'm ready for Fall!

This week Luke has been such a sweet boy. I just love his little phrases. When I pick him up he gives me a giant hug and he says "I missed (more like meeesed) you mama." Then he says "big kiss meese." Oh I just get giddy excited about that welcome at the end of each day.

His school brought up that they are worried about him running up and hugging other kid's parents. They asked if he does that in public and I was literally dumbfounded. He is nice to people in public (waves and says hi) but he has never run up to a complete stranger. So we are nipping this by telling him that he needs to ask us to hug those outside our family. What worries me more than the fact he is running up to strangers, is that he is leaving "reading time" or "center time" to do this. I also think because we come into contact with so.many.people on a regular basis that at the age he's at he just sees everyone as nice. But obviously we need to do our part to teach him about strangers.

Sadie had her yearly vet appointment Friday. We were worried about a tooth because it had some major plaque buildup (or what we thought was plaque). To save you the gory details, we pretty much took care of the piece on our own, and saved what we took off and took it to the vet. BTW there was no pain involved. She didn't even flinch. Come to find out it was actually part of her tooth that had broken and decayed and when the piece came off it was actually exposing the root of her tooth. When the vet was giving us options they threw out the idea of doing a root canal and that she would be a perfect candidate. I don't know if maybe I'm crazy, but a root canal... on a dog?? We asked what other options there were and our only other choice is to have the tooth pulled. That's the option we're choosing, because there's no guarantee that the root canal will work or if it will cause her trouble down the line. Anyways, all that to saw WHO KNEW dental work on a dog existed???! I know they can clean their teeth- but I guess I just never thought about it before. Her surgery is Friday and they are going to remove that one tooth and the same tooth on the other side (since it has cracked and is heading toward the same place). Not really looking forward to that bill :/ but she is part of our family and we promised to take care of her no matter what!!

We are at my parents this weekend helping them with some things around the house. Sometimes I just miss Marietta! It's so fun coming back to the home I grew up in and helping with things.

And the second week of school is over! My how time flies. This seemed like a pretty eventful week. I think I'm coming to realize that at the stage we are in life things just aren't going to slow down. It makes for a fun life- that's for sure!

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