Here are some things I'd like to accomplish this month. Unlike last month's list, I haven't started ANY of these goals yet. So I'm not as optimistic to get through them!

1. Make Christmas stockings. This is a leftover goal from the summer. I really need to get on that before Christmas!
2. ORB the rest of the doorknobs in the house. This is really hard to do since I don't get home until late in the day (and the sun is mostly gone). I do need to get on this before it gets too chilly to spray paint outside!
3. Organize paint. I have found a great solution for storing paint. I just need to work up some motivation!
4. Finish the laundry room (mirror, canvas, shelf painted)
5. 365 updated. Yep I've slacked. I caught up in July and then slacked even worse this time. Actually i don't know if I'll be able to catch up. Next year I might do 52 weeks instead ;P

Oh if I could get through these it would be WONDERFUL! We have 2 days off for Columbus Day, so maybe I'll have some good time to get it done!

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