Weekly Update: 9/17-9/22

This has been quite the week!

Josh caught some nasty virus and spiked a 102 fever on Thursday. I thought sure he had the flu, but the test results were negative. Fortunately we have an amazing doctor who goes the extra mile and did a bunch of blood work. He concluded that his kidney/liver levels were fine (no dehydration) but his white blood cell count was lower than normal (signaling a virus). So although we got a no "name" diagnosis, the good news is we ruled alot of things out. He did put him on a strong antibiotic so that the congestion in his head would clear up. It's scary when you don't know what's wrong!!

Luke had a great week at school and got smiley faces all week for behavior. He also didn't have any accidents! 

His favorite show right now is "Super Why" he pronounces it "boo-yai". Oh my he LOVES it. He'll say the letters with the super readers and it really is an educational show!

Josh got him a new Thomas DVD with a new train named Norman. The new DVD has a bunch of new trains on it, including one named Luke. He was pretty excited to see that. Now we need to find him a Luke train :)

Looking forward to some cooler weather. I'm seriously ready for October!

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