April roundup

These months are seriously flying. How is my child almost 2 1/2??? And nearly fully potty trained might I add!

I hit the ground running this month with Spring Break being the first week. I was able to get a jump start on this month's projects. It was great to work work work for a couple days, and spend 4-5 days doing NOTHING.

I have updated my 101 list of things that have been accomplished this month! #2, #25, #1, #8, #38, #57, and #65 were all finished this month! Hard to believe how much is getting marked off!!

Here were my original goals:
1. Get Luke's room together.
2. Frames on the wall over TV.
3. A little sewing.
4. Mirror mosaic table.
5. Old window up

How'd I do?? 5 for 5! I think that's the first time I've met all my goals! Luke's room could use a little more tweaking since I only got 1/2 way through the to do list.

Here are other things that got done as well:

1. I made my first loaf of bread:
2. Bought a Silhouette!
3. Hung frames over the TV:

4. Made a wedding card collage:
5. Living a little greener with cloth paper towels:
6. Talked about some pet peeves:
7. Made baked potatoes in a crock pot (which literally changed my life):

8. Posted my frap recipe:

9. Emergency Kit together:
10. Made homemade liquid laundry soap:

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