Frap recipe

I mentioned back in my February wrap-up  that I mastered the art of making a frap at home. Before attempting this I was super tempted to buy a frap maker, but I resisted the urge and decided to "use what we have." It worked and it was delish! Here's the recipe:

1 cup espresso*
3tbs caramel (chocolate syrup for mocha)
2 tbs sugar
1 cup milk (when I made this it was milk straight from the fridge. To prevent all the bubbles/frothy-ness I'm going to try freezing a 1/2 cup and adding those cubes to the other half of the regular milk)
whipped cream on top

Add ice for desired thickness. 

*I really feel like the espresso process is what makes this so good. We have an espresso maker (that I found at a thrift store by the way for less than $10) and it makes the coffee so strong and pure. I used plain coffee grounds though- no special coffee. The espresso maker just concentrates the flavor. 

I'd prefer adding milk instead of ice. I'm really thinking the milk cubes would make this extraordinary! The ice just waters it down. 

It was super yummy and something I def. can't do everyday! But it sure is a nice treat! I think I'll even try this decaf since I love fraps before bed, but they keep me up til after midnight!

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