Wedding Card Collage

After we got married (Holy-ICan'tBelieveIt'sAlmostBeen5Years!!!!)I was torn between feeling like I had to keep all our wedding cards, and living in a 700 square foot cottage that hardly had closets (an attic and crawl space didn't exist). We've since moved out of those digs, and although we have a generous amount of attic, crawl space, and a shed, who wants that precious real estate taken up with cards??

I chose to keep them and I stuffed them in a box and stashed them in the back of a closet. When we moved they went into our memory box. Well, the wedding card box literally took up half the memory box. I stumbled upon this pin on Pinterest and decided it was time to get my booty in gear and actually DO something with them. Here is the blog it is from:

What is the point of even having them if they sit closed in  a box stashed away in a memory box? And does anyone really go through those boxes and reminisce?? Maybe when I have nothing else to do and live in a huge house... but for now I have little time and a little house!

The blog I linked above have a really great tutorial of how to do this. Basically I bought a 2 in punch at hobby lobby (with my 40% off coupon of course):

(didn't even realize it was the same one as in that other blog- Hobby Lobby has a huge selection, but alot of them were sold out.)

I punched the cards out (which actually sounds pretty effortless- but it took alot of elbow grease to make sure it punched all the way through). I did end up cutting out people's personal notes of encouragement to keep. It's a much smaller pile than all the cards. I came across two people's cards who have since passed away and it made it feel more meaningful to keep their sweet words.

Here is my  version!

My canvas held 35 "cards". And ironically I have 35 more cards that I think I'm going to make a second one. This one will go in my dining room collage. The 2nd will be added to the bedroom collage. Then I still have all the shower cards and cards from Luke's baby shower and birth.... yikes! I don't plan on doing anything with those. They will stay in the memory box organized by year.

I am really thrilled at how this turned out! I love the mix of soft colors and the meaning behind each circle!

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