One day over Spring Break I randomly decided our table needed placemats! I used some fabric I already had on hand (and it ties in the red of my kitchen) to whip 2 of them up! I decided on 2 instead of 4 because 4 just totally crowds the table. Plus there are only 2 of us that sit at the table (and I don't use a placemat). I guess I'm a messy eater :p

I even "quilted" them. This was my first attempt to use quilt batting. And I found an awesome tip somewhere on the internet of how to make my edges really crisp. It was a great tip and I have no idea where I saw it!

The best part about them? They're reversible! And the backs of them tie in my living room (blue) and kitchen color (red). Aren't they cute??

Josh hates chevron and I love it, so I did the gray ones to appease him :) I keep them flipped to the chevron side most of the time. He does agree that they look ok in the room. What a guy!

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